If you look hard enough you can find the new even in a city you’ve known your whole life.

The reality of traveling on an finite budget often means not going abroad every year. But travelling in your home country needn’t be a consolation or even an afterthought.

NB: If you live in a large country like the States, this probably isn’t so relatable but you could extend this same idea to travelling within your state or even your own city.

There is an elitism online, in the forums of “travel lovers” sharing their endless photos continent after continent. Of course, not all of these people are traveling 24/7 but I’d like to push against the idea that you have to have been abroad more than once to love travel. This is untrue. You can love to travel and have never left your own country.

Most travel lovers will have a few variables in common; the thrill of anonymity in an unknown city, being lost but finding something better than what you were hoping for, and getting to see what the everyday looks like elsewhere. These simple pleasures aren’t dependent on any particular location.

I personally do not travel abroad every year. I tend to have a one-week family holiday in the UK and the several other mini breaks throughout the year; these may be alone or with friends (and I really enjoy the solo weekends away).

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I think if you live in a relatively small country then you’re lucky because you’ve got the opportunity to travel throughout varying landscapes but in a concentrated area.

Listen, if you really want to fly in the UK then you can! To Cornwall or to Scotland or to Birmingham. An hour flight can be a bit of fun and takes away the pressure of driving or changing trains.

What I’m saying is: it has a lot to do with perspective and you can make your own opportunity for adventure wherever you go with just a little creative thinking.

Maybe you’re a student and have had the opportunity to study abroad, that’s amazing! Maybe your family summers in italy or takes a long haul Christmas Vacation, that sounds lovely and I hope you have a ball (I’ll be creeping on your Instagram stories). But, please don’t feel like you’re less of a travel lover if you have to save up for a couple of years to travel abroad, or if you just prefer a week in the Lake District twice a year (because I do love that and honestly who wouldn’t)

Most importantly, don’t think that what is around you is automatically familiar or mundane. If you look hard enough you can find the new even in a city you’ve known your whole life.

My advice/thoughts on travelling at home:

1. Try to experience different landscapes, like the mountains or the sea.
2. Look for areas of architectural interest.
3. Be present in your journey, even if it’s 3 hours on the train or 6 in a car – it’s part of the experience.
4. Don’t spend your holiday thinking of being anywhere but exactly where you are.
5. Short frequent trips can be just as exciting and memorable and the BIG holidays.

Happy travels!

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A thought to take us into the New Year 😇

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