Words by Rebecca Lavender

Last year I started bullet journaling with the hope that it would get my creative juices flowing in my day to day life. I’m not someone who has had creative jobs and contrary to popular belief there is not a lot of drawing to be done on my Archaeology degree course, but this is because I reserve creativity for my down time; it’s for me.

This has been a theme throughout my life; I have always looked forward to long weekends where I can sit at the piano to learn a new song or family holidays when I can lock my phone away and take out a sketch book. But last January I decided I wanted to squeeze more creative moments into my daily routine and I wanted an effective way of winding down at the end of a long week. Enter the bullet journal!

One year on I have found that journaling offers these little enclaves of escapism for an hour here and there throughout my week and, even though I’m planning ahead when I’m journaling, the act of sitting down and focusing on the designs proves to be particularly mindful.

So if you’d like to live your best planner life too, keep scrolling to have a nosey what I’ve bought for my 2019 planner update!

[NB: all items have affiliate links]

Let’s start with the journal itself, I’ve got the Life Book from Boxcleaver Press. I like to buy journals which have weekly and monthly layouts in them already, and then embellish them with washi tape and stickers as I go along. I find this to be more practical as I do use my planner to keep track of just about everything in my life, so I don’t want to mix up any dates when filling them in myself.

You can buy the planner with or without the case, which also comes in a range of colours. I chose the Deep Sea Blue Case and I like that It has lots of compartments which I can use to house stickers or even small notebooks when I’m going to University.

My journal ritual consists of me sitting cross legged on this cosy rug and laying everything out in front of me. I’ll usually have a cup of tea to hand and flip through a couple of vinyls on the record player. It’s a really peaceful way to spend a Friday evening at home.


As I mentioned, I love to use stickers in my planner. Boxclever Press have lots of different themed packs and I chose this one because it covers a nice mix of events, like cinema, shopping, holidays and even afternoon tea.

The Stabilo pastel highlighters are my absolute favourites!

Admittedly I have a lot of coloured pens, but I didn’t have any in metallic so I tried these dupe Papermate ones (Papermania) and I’m happy with the results.

If you want to experiment with drawing in your planner then brush markers offer more breadth of texture in your designs.

Washi for the seasons. This pack of 24 comes in a range of botanical and scenic designs which will see your planner through the whole year.

I really enjoy the fine details.


And last but certainly not least, a new pencil case to house all of my colours and washi. Everybody loves Totoro, right?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this whistle-stop tour of my planner. Head over to my Instagram stories for updates on my weekly and monthly designs.

Be seeing you,

Rebecca x

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